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Reasonable Daycare in Charkop

Reasonable Daycare in Charkop, Mumbai- 400067 is affordable kids care center.
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Jollykids Day Care will work with you and your child to achieve the best start in life. We will guide your child step by step to reach their full potential. We aim to provide high-quality education and care for your child, in a secure and exciting environment.

Our service promotes equality and values diversity. We work in partnership with yourselves and outside agencies to support your child with the best possible start in life
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Reasonable Daycare in Charkop, Jolly kids After-school is best look after service packed with many activities.

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A professional Day nursery in Charkop Kandivali west, venture run by married couple Kinjal-Prathamesh K., Mumbai 400067. With more than a decade’s experience in early years education Mumbai.

We would never compromise for the intimate, homely and safe environment if you choose us in Charkop. Our service reliable as well reasonable to suit your care expenses.

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We offer them warmth and love with same passion they receive at their home or almost closer to that. Nursery here promotes Indian Values. We pride ourselves in supporting children to share, show respect for each other and value one another. We work in partnership with the parents to provide the best possible experience for your child!


Send Your Child’s details and state your requirement, We will certainly take responsibility there on.


Daycare plan is designed in such a way that it connects with every individual child


Daily- weekly-monthly programs are updated to enrich the child holistically

Aiming for personal, emotional and creative development of your little one. Creche in charkop ensures holistic development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which meets the individual needs of all children.
Staff are highly trained, experienced and qualified in their care of children.


Indoor Play

Play way is the most effective method for kindergarten learning

Motherly Staff

Staff makes it all the wonderful treatment through out the Child care program


24 hour Daycare in Charkop is full of activities.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the most essential parameter while raising a champ
what are the benefits of daycare program?
Kids Learn to Socialize, follow schedule, turn more disciplined from early age, pre trained and settled before actual schooling
What are the fees ?
Depends on what you opt for daily, monthly or yearly admission.
when should a child start nursing by a nanny?

Children as young as one year six months old are sent to daycare. That’s when they are more or less trained to develop sleeping and eating habits.

what is the ideal child-teacher ratio ?

1 teacher- 5 students is the appropriate ratio.

how do i choose the best caring nannies for my kids?
This answer lies within you and can be found when you meet the nanny or help personally.
Is it compulsory to send a child to school for day caring?
If you can pay adequate time with your child then child development places are secondary, Family values are most important for the little one. Please check the blog for the same query.Does child care make a difference to children’s development?

Why Our Families opted for Reasonable daycare in Charkop are Saying

Smita Makwana

True Motherly service found at jollykids, both kinjal mam and staff thankyou so much.

Babita J

Just thankyou may sound rude, But i find myself deprived of words to express my emotions. But i am in love with the directors and teachers here.

Deepak Seth

I was at peace last year after putting my child to this after-school program, utterly moved with the intense love my child has received from them.